Women’s sacrifices

We can all agree that we have seen women going an extra mile for the people who are so dear to them. Some resort to stealing just to put food on the table and some have gone to the extend of killing. I read one story of a mother who shot at the kids who were bullying her child at school. Despite that being a wrong move, this goes to show the extent to which a woman fights for her loved ones. I can safely say when a woman loves, she is prepared to sacrifice and shield the object or recipient of her love.  

I grew up with my mother, sisters, and grandmother. I saw my mother sacrificing everything she could for our well-being and happiness. Now and then, l would see my grandmother doing the same for us too. From them, l learned that a woman can sacrifice anything even her happiness to make her loved ones happy. But we need to ask ourselves these questions; why do we do that and is it worth it all the time?

As a mother, l will never shed a tear in front of my child no matter the pain I am experiencing. Should there be less food to eat, l would rather go to bed on an empty stomach having fed my child and husband. These acts can be seen as great sacrifices. I believe they are worth it if the recipients, especially those of age, do not take them for granted. When appreciation is shown, it gives a certain fulfilment to the doer of the good deed. Appreciation is worthy to take note of lest we do the most and end up experiencing the most too.  

Some women sacrifice whilst being sacrificed. There are times when some women stay in toxic marriages for the sake of their children. They want to raise their children in a nuclear family structure. This is good to some extent because some societies have made it seem as if a single-parent family is not capable of standing. This points us to the issue of women sacrificing in fear of being labelled failures in society. Religious and family beliefs are deeply connected to society’s status quo. It’s quite saddening to witness women sacrificing their well-being to avoid naysayers and gossipmongers. 

I believe this is the reason why some women are so broken. They are just living, going on about their daily lives as sacrificial lambs. However, some are oblivious to the fact that the beneficiaries of the sacrifices can be observant and end up getting affected. Some, if not educated well will end up advocating for the same belief that one has to sacrifice no matter what. The children as innocent as they are, grow up with the same mindset and society will continue raising men and women with a wrong mindset. If only we can all work on enlightening the minds of the younger generations to avoid the spiralling effect of these belief systems.

As we live to fulfil the happiness of our loved ones, let’s sit with ourselves and evaluate every sacrifice that we make. You might be surprised to note that leaving that job that consumes your time such that you do not get to spend time with your family will do you more good than harm. Take time to observe whether the sacrifice is worth it or not. 
All in all, a sacrifice is only worth it when it does bring joy to you and those around you. Don’t spend your life trying to please people who will always take you for granted. You only live once therefore, let it be worthwhile.