The Courage To Stand Up For The Truth

We are brought up in a society where we are told that the truth will set us free, but the life portrayed differs from the truth fed unto us. We get to realise that the truth somehow has earned its way of incriminating or imprisoning us. Should you be able to tell things the way they are, prepare yourself well in time. Telling the truth could mean that you have to dance to the music you were never prepared for.

What I have realised in most cases is that when people are in a meeting or a group of friends, and something is discussed, if they gather the courage to give a different perspective, their truth, others might consider them rude or even self-centred. Being courageous enough to air the truth or stand up for the truth will attract enemies to your camp. What is wrong with being authentic and standing up to what you believe in as truth? By loathing those who live for truth, what message are we then trying to send to those who are looking up to us? What kind of a generation are we breeding, those who believe everything they are told or those who will have the courage to raise their opinions?

Also, if you are true to yourself, having the courage to stand your ground like a military man in a war zone does, then shall you be able to inspire others to do likewise. In doing so, always remember you are who you are. When I wrote about cutting off a toxic family member, the message was to encourage one to gather enough courage to stand up for themself. Mustering courage is a big step in such situations, and it’s never easy for us to welcome situations as they are. We hide behind things that comfort us. We look for loopholes on other people to find comfort in the dismay of our lives. We use other people as helmets on our heads to avoid getting hurt by the truth but until when?

It takes one with an open heart and an open mind to know the definition of truth. The sad part is sometimes, the truth is diluted or dismissed by the ones we love dearly, the ones we would probably take a bullet for. To obtain courageous moments, you need to stand on your own and create your world, hoping that people will one day realise what you mean and that being courageous does not mean you are better than anyone else. To render it all in life, you have to be honest to yourself, thus knowing the truth of your life. If you are still hiding from the truth, then courage will only be a word.