SECRET AFFAIRS, the consequences

SECRET AFFAIRS, the consequences

Often if not all times, we witness scandals all over social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram—images and videos of men and women caught in acts of cheating. The drama either dies as quickly as it came or continues to unfold depending on the status of the parties involved. Also, the entertainment industry took advantage of these happenings by introducing shows like Cheaters(USA) and Uyajola(South Africa), to mention a few.

People have different opinions/views on secret affairs. Some believe that such experiences lead to guiltiness on the doer’s side and at some point, they get detached from their families hence divorcing. The guiltiness is carried to the extent that they are always self-conscious of their past mistakes despite being pardoned. On the other hand, the victims of cheating partners react differently to such scandals. One can become defensive of their partners in the name of keeping vows—for better, for worse; yet for others, their self-worth is reduced, and insecurities kick in. The latter suffers incurable pain, which can lead to disastrous consequences if not contained. Although some fight for their relationships, they also experience pain from the betrayal. They fear being labeled failures by society. Enduring emotional abuse is inevitable.

The results of secret affairs go more in-depth and are undesirable. They can contribute to the lousy upbringing of kids who grow up in broken families emanated from these affairs. Innocent children become victims of actions taken by their elders, which could have been prevented in the first place. Children born out of wedlock may not have the privilege of growing up with both parents. The girl child can end up seeking comfort in sugar daddies because of the absence of a father figure in her life. Therefore, society is breeding a generation where most parents are not available. This occurs when there is no proper agreement and action on the parents’ side. Men and women should consider if minutes of short-term pleasure is worthy of the consequences placed on the upcoming generations.

Some people believe secret affairs can fix a marriage, a broken relationship. When a partner is not sexually satisfied, they tend to be nagging, moody and most of the time frustrated, which can cause arguments in a relationship. To avoid fights, they seek satisfaction in others, thereby indulging in secret affairs. And the results—devastating.

I don’t believe that secret affairs are of any good because, honestly, they cause more harm than good; imagine ruining the innocents’ lives. We know of many broken families due to these affairs, and the most painful part is that those who have been faithful are the ones who always take the blame; they usually take the heat.