Forgiveness, the power to release

Forgiveness is the power to release stress, pain and all kinds of negative emotions like bitterness, anger et cetera.

The act of forgiveness allows one to become whole, thereby accumulating positive energy and peace. Wounds of the soul are not easy to heal; they need mental strength through meditation and forms of therapy. The irony of it all is that you have to forgive but not forget, and if you forget, you won’t forgive.

When one forgives, they choose peace for the betterment of the relationship. If it takes talking and seeking clarifications on unclear offences that led to the tension, then do it. Sometimes there might be a need for a third party to intervene and assist in settling the issue.

Some forgive so that whatever issue was on the table can be done and over with. If a relative has done me wrong, I will have to forgive so that we can help each other grow and build a healthy relationship. It may be challenging to do so as we can never forget but looking at the bigger picture, one has to forgive not for the one who is in the wrong but for themself.

Forgiveness is for our betterment. Imagine being bitter all the time, holding unending grudges. I mean, spending most of your time unhappy because of someone, so why not try to forgive. When you release all the negative energy that comes with being unforgiving, a burden is lifted. You begin to experience calmness within you. Peace starts to reign in you. You will radiate positive energy that will attract positivity in every aspect of your life.

We make good decisions when we have clear minds. Imagine wasting opportunities because you cannot see things clearly. When one is unforgiving, their judgement might come as biased if the said person involved in that life-changing opportunity is the one they have to settle their differences with. Holding an offence is not healthy at all. Do away with offence to live a life with freedom.

Holding grudges for a long time can lead to depression. You spend most of the time thinking about who wronged you instead of focusing on your self-growth. The time spent pitying yourself or waiting for an apology that might not come is not worth it. Choose forgiveness and move on with life. It can be challenging, but the decision to forgive is worth it.

In most cases, we find that these grudges are between either family members or friends or even colleagues. Imagine how the atmosphere will be if one cannot forgive. It is not conducive, and there can never be productivity or progress. Be the bigger person, forgive and let love lead.

In conclusion, we know forgiving is not an easy thing to do, but it’s good for mental health, our relationships, even the environment that we live in. So, forgive but never forget, as not forgetting will help you be cautious in the future when faced with the same situations. The lessons learnt will come in handy.