Environments, a psychological player in negative and positive satisfaction levels

Do environments affect an individual’s satisfaction level? 

Environments have played a pivotal role in moulding people’s lives. It is not surprising to come across two individuals who grew up in the same environment with different results. So many factors provide a certain amount of satisfaction in an individual’s life—the satisfaction being a sense of fulfilment and happiness in one’s life. Environments encompass these factors, and the biggest question is: To what extent do environments play a role in determining the satisfaction level in a person’s life? 

A happy life is better than a successful life. People define their success. To some, it’s a happy family, whereas some measure success by the material things they possess. We cannot deny that others also measure our success. However, our satisfaction is measured by the healthiness in our body, soul and spirit. It is from that urge to meet that gratification of those around us that we forget ourselves. Living up to a certain status quo has proved to reduce one’s satisfaction level. This is so because the moment you start competing with people, you forget your true identity. You begin to focus on what’s surrounding you, that is, the environment instead of yourself.

When we focus on what’s happening around us, we lose sight of what’s happening to us and in us. In most cases, there is one common reason why people live their lives to satisfy the environment or society they live in; the fear of being judged. We begin to live a life of fear and forget that we are more than that. We are more than what people expect us to be. Every individual was created with a mandate; therefore, others may not understand your way of living. It is not your duty to live up to their rules; you live according to your purpose. If they do not understand, eventually they will. Consistency in aligning with your purpose will make environments work in your favour. You will not need to be persuaded but rather to empower others to live as they should. 

Living a life that is aimed at satisfying the people around you will leave you feeling so drained. Some opt to stay in loveless or abusive marriages because of the fear of being judged. Some limit their lifestyles to avoid being judged for living lavishly whilst others live from hand to mouth. The environment that we find ourselves in may inhibit judgmental individuals who influence the lives of others. The more they run their mouths judging some people, the more these people or victims shrink themselves to protect themselves from being judged often.

Consequently, an individual’s satisfaction level is affected. Some end up having low self-esteem. They cannot decide for themselves! It’s no longer about their happiness, but that of the people in their environment, be it work, school or home. In some cases, depression is inevitable. The victims of such circumstances cannot speak up, thus suppressing their voices and ending in depression. However, some live up to their satisfaction levels by ensuring that their environment they are in does not affect their happiness. They find ways to manoeuvre their way in environments that may threaten their satisfaction levels.

In all honesty, to what extent do environments affect an individual’s satisfaction level positively or negatively?  Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.